Project Name: 20’

Producer and director: Artak IGITYAN
Director production : Christian Ajamian
Genre: action, drama
Duration: 110 min
Film format:
Digital Cinema – ALEXA
Preparation period: January-April 2015
Filming period: April-August 2015
Post-production: August-November 2015
Film premiere: December 2015
Places for filming: Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, France

Voir le teaser...

On September 16th, 1976 just after Shavarash Karapetyan – multiple World Champion in diving, completed his usual run along the dam in Yerevan - a large trolleybus carrying 92 passengers lost control and flew off the road into the freezing water.

The trolleybus sank approximately 10 meters deep. Without a second of hesitation, Shavarsh leaped into the freezing water to rescue people. Diving to the depth of 10 meters, Shavarsh used his feet to break the back window of the trolleybus. Twenty minutes in ice water. Twenty survivors. In fact, he pulled off the bus more, but not all managed to get back to life. As he came to the surface, after one of his 30 dives - the passers-by saw that the pieces of glass stuck all over his body…After his 30th dive, Shavarsh lost consciousness. This incident was the end of his sports career: the combined effect of cold water and the multiple wounds he received (scratched by glass), left him unconscious for 45 days. Subsequent sepsis, due to the presence of raw sewage in the lake water, and lung complications prevented him from continuing the sports career.

“It can be painful to carry out the duty,
but it is even worst to fail to fulfill it”

Alexandre Dumas, fils

This movie is about a man who was granted with an athletic talent and a brave heart by the God.
‣ This movie is about heroism of a young man who without caring for a danger rushed to rescue people.
‣ This movie is about the destiny. About the fact that the only person who can do the impossible, was there right in time.

Close-up: Slowly and cautiously, as if he was standing on a hot coals, swimmer’s feet appears on a side-board of the pool. An empty swimming pool arena. After a few moments of concentration a figure sneaks up to the edge of the side –board, ready to burst. Shotgun start. Swimmer pierces into the water like a torpedo, rapidly moving forward.

The sports arena, suddenly filled with the audience, explodes from the deafening noise and screaming of the fans, that are about to become a witnesses of a new World Record of high-speed dive. Swimmers are in the water. The numbers on the scoreboard are quickly running forward. Commentator’s voice: “The Russian swimmer is the fastest – he goes for a new world record”.

Shavarsh like a shark, straining for its victim, appears rapidly over the water, then just as quickly disappears in it. This is the longest start of his whole life… But let us go back to the year before. Shavarsh Karapetyan is 22 years old. He is on a top of his sports career.

On September 16th, 1976 a crowded trolleybus, carrying 92 people, crashed off a bridge into a Yerevan Lake . Shavarsh by chance happened to be near. Together with his brother they were doing a usual run along the dam, Without a second of hesitation, Shavarsh jumped into the dark water to rescue people...
Sports, humor, love, tragedy. This is the basis of the film about a man, about a Hero.

20 saved lives

The touched topic of "20 '" movie - is one of the most important themes nowadays. Shavarsh Karapetyan’s heroic deed – is an example of educating youth through sport, attitude towards the society, including the family values. An important component of this project is a detailed recreation of the atmosphere of 70’s - both in Armenia and in Russia, where the shooting of the film "20 '" will take place. Preparation and use of special filming techniques is needed to fully implement the ideas of the Director along with the art director to work on backgrounds that include crowd scenes, athletic competitions, trainings, combination shots, stunts, interior shots and filming of the exterior (streets, architecture, transportation, decorations, props, costumes, etc.).

The movie captures the spirit of the 70s - a Golden Age of Armenia in Sports, Art, Music, Architecture and much more that Armenia can be proud of…


The topic of the movie 20’is rather urgent for the education of the future generation on the example of Shavarsh Karapetyan’s feat. On the other hand , the story and it s development are exciting , and undoubtedly will attract the audience .

The Budget of the Movie “20”